NEW 1-phase 220V 1000HZ 2.2kw 3HP 10A cloose-loop vector VFD inverter for CNC machine sunfar V350-2s0022

  • Model: V350-2s0022
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Product information:

Model: V350-2s0022

Brand: Sunfar

Input: 1-phase AC 220V ±20% 50/60Hz 

Output: 0~1000HZ 10A

Power: 2.2 kw


key word: V350 frequency converter

V350 series is a kind of high-performance lower-power closed-loop vector inverter which is designed based on completely new software and hardware platform and for the purpose of meeting market demands in a better way in the industry of machine tools, winding equipments, multipoint drive equipments, printing, chemical fiber, textile equipments and so on. It features outstanding performance, concise structure, complete protection functions, flexible and rich peripheral interfaces and functions. It can be either applied in all industries or subject to secondary development according to field conditions.


1.Four control modes: vector closed-loop control with PG (VC), vector open-loop control without PG card (SVC), V/F control and torque control. 
2. High torque at low frequency. Closed-loop vector, up to 200% start torque at zero speed; open-loop vector, up to 180% start torque at zero speed. 
3. Standard 5-digit two-line LED panel display, and optional LCD, HMI operation panel. 
4.Able to rapidly trace speed change caused by sudden change of load. 
5. The high frequency can be up to 1000HZ through use of system macro. 
6. Diverse built-in system macros and application macros. 
7 .Hundreds of combinations of torque and revolution. 
8. Programmable 15-stage speed running, with each stage of running time, acceleration and deceleration time and running direction to be separately adjusted. 
9. Flexible configuration of priorities of frequency/revolution setup channels. 

10. Abundant expansion card revolutions: IO expansion card, communication card and PG card. 

11. Built-in brake units with different specifications; allowing for direction connection of brake resistance for rapid stop. 
12. Automatic voltage adjustment: when the power grid voltage changes, it can automatically keep output voltage constant. 
13.Providing RS485 serial communication interface, and adopting standard Mod-bus communication protocol.


Machine tool, textile machinery, road building materials,cable machinery ,petroleum chemical industry

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