MS-60ST-M01330B-20P4+DS3-20P4-PQA 220v 60mm 0.4kw 1.27nm 3000rpm 2500ppr AC servo motor&drive kit&3m cable

  • Model: MS-60ST-M01330B-20P4+DS3-20P4-PQ
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  • Manufactured by: Xinje
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MS-60ST-M01330B-20P4+DS3-20P4-PQA 220v 60mm 0.4kw 1.27nm 3000rpm 2500ppr AC servo motor&drive kit&3m cable

Model: MS-60ST-M01330B-20P4+DS3-20P4-PQA

Package Content:

1* Motor+Drive: MS-60ST-M01330B-20P4+DS3-20P4-PQA

1* 3M Encoder Cable &Power Cable

Product feature:

Motor feature:

  1. MS series servo motor
  2. Match DS3 series single phase 0.4kw servo drive
  3. Encoder is 2500 ppr

Drive feature:

1 .DS3 series contains advanced intelligent control system, can significantly resist the external disturbance and improve the system rigidity, shortening the locating time (positioning time is about 1/2 of our previous products)

  1. Smoother and faster speed of response: DS3 built-in state observer, the speed tracking is precision and stable, which could be restrained mechanical vibration effectively.
  2. Bus control system, more efficient way of communication: currently only applies to the whole series of Xinje products.
  3. The fastest Command refresh speed is up to 1 KHZ, through real-time communication, make the control more fast, accurate, connect more concise and convenient.
  4. Three kinds of control mode, the seamless switch: position control, speed control and torque control
  5. IO flexible configuration: 5 DI input, 3 DO output
  6. Input form: the symbol + pulse train, the CW + CCW pulse train, AB phase pulse
  7. Input frequency: open collector KPPS 200, 500 KPPS differential drive
  8. Interface circuit: the collector (+ 24 v level)/differential input
  9. Double communication port: RS232 and RS485
  10. Perfect protection, safe and reliable, overvoltage, undervoltage, over current, overspeed, overload, abnormal encoder and position deviation is too large.
  11. Built-in regenerative resistor


1 Motor Specifications

Voltage level


Motor type

MS-60ST-M01330  -20P4

Motor code


Rated power (KW)


Rated current (A)


Momentary max current (A)


Rated speed (rpm)


Rated torque (N·m)


Peak torque (N·m)

3.8 (300%)

Rotor inertia (Kg·m2)


Weight (Kg)


Encoder ppr (PPR)


Pole pairs


Motor insulation level

Class B (130 centigrade degree)

Protection level


Ambient temperature

0~40 centigrade degree

Ambient humidity

Related humidity <90% (no condensation)

2 Drive Specifications



Servo drive model DS3-


The matching motor MS-


power    kW


                      General specification

Input power

 Single / three phase AC220V ±10  50/60Hz


 Increment-type 2500 ppr

 Using temperature

 0 ~+50 / -20 ~+ 85 centigrade degree

Using humidity

Below 90% RH (no condensation)

Vibration /impact


4.9m/s2/ 19.6m/s2

     Control mode

Speed/torque control

Load change rate

0~100% load: ±below 0.01%(rated speed)

Voltage change rate

Rated voltage ±10%:0%(rated speed)

Frequency feature


Soft start time

0~65535ms (set acceleration, deceleration individually)

Input/output signal

Encoder feedback output

Differential mode output (ABZ phase)

 Input signal

External input:5

Changeable signa distribution: /S-ON, /P-CON, /P-OT, /N-OT, /ALM-RST, /PCL, /NCL, /SPD-D, /SPD-A,


Output signal

External output:3
Changeable signa distribution:/COIN, /V-CMP, /TGON, /S-RDY, /CLT, /VLT, /BK, /WARN, /NEAR,



Regeneration frequency

DS3-21P5-PQA/ DS3-22P3-PQA:2.5 s/min DS3-20P2-PQA~DS3-20P7-PQA:1.6 s/min

 Dynamic brake (DB)



Built-in regenerative resistor


overvoltage, undervoltage, regeneration  error, overtemperature, overcurrent, overspeed, analog input error, position  offset overflow, output shorting, current error, encoder cut, encoder error,  overload, power off when running, write parameter error…

 LED display

Charge, power supply, 7-segment LED ×5 (built-in digital operate)

Communication function


RS232, connect to PC
Baud rate 19200; data bit 8; stop bit 1; communication protocol: ModubsRTU slave; Modbus station No.1 Debug online


RS232, RS485, connect to PLC, HMI, PC and other devices Serial parameter can be set; communication protocol: ModbusRTU slave;

Modbus station No. can be set State display, user constant setting, monitor display, alarm display, alarm

display, special control, online debug

 Install way

mounting base


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