MC860H 2ph NEMA34 Stepper Motor Driver AC/DC 6A CNC Router

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MC860H  2ph NEMA34 Stepper Motor Driver AC/DC 6A CNC Router


MC860H is mainly used for driving type 86, 110 two-phase hybrid Stepping motor. Its microstep segmentation number is 16,and the largest number is 51200 pulse/rev; The working peak current scope is 2.4 A - 7.2 A,  There are 8 files of output current in total, the resolution of the current is about 0.6 A, with torque settingsover-voltage and over-current protection functions. This work drive power supply is set to be direct current one, it is recommended that the operating voltage range is 18 v - 80 VAC, 20-90VDC.


Functional Characteristics

Can drive line 4, line6, line 8 of two phase stepping motor

Input voltage range: 18 - 80 VAC, 20-90VDC

Current max: 6A  Resolution: 0.6 A

Segmentation scope: 256  ~51 200 ppr

Signal input: difference/single-ended, pulse/direction

Impulse response frequency: 200 KHZ

Can configure parameters via a serial port

have micro points inside

Precision current control greatly reduced motor heating

Current automatically in half when static

Optical isolation signal inputting, strong anti-jamming capability

Over-voltage, over-current protection function

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