LC3422HTC 3ph NEMA23 NEMA34 Stepper Motor Driver 110-220VAC 4.8A

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LC3422HTC  3ph NEMA23 NEMA34 Stepper Motor Driver 110-220VAC 4.8A

LC3422HTC is a kind of three-phase hybrid stepping motor drive based on DSP control , it is a new generation of digital stepper motor drive made up of  the advanced DSP control chip and three-phase inverter driver module combine together.The drive voltage is AC110V-220V, adaptive current is below 4.8 A,57-86 - mm external diameter of the various types of three-phase hybrid stepping motor. The inner of drive adopts a circuit similar with servo control principle.the circuit can make the motor run smoothly, little vibration and noise.When motor is in high speed, the torque is much higher than the two and five phase hybrid stepping motors.Step positioning accuracy up to 60000 / rolls. The products are widely used in engraving machine, medium-sized nc machine, computer embroidery machine, packaging machinery and other high resolution of large and medium-sized CNC equipment.



High performance and low price

Equipped with 16 files of uniform angle constant torque subdivided ,the max resolution is 60000 steps/roll

The highest response frequency up to 200 KPPS

when step pulse stops for more than 1.5 S, coil current will be  reduced to half o the rated current automatically Photoelectric isolation, signal input/output Drive current 2.2A/phase to 4.8 A/phase ,16 files is adjustable Single power input, the voltag

range: AC110V - 220 v

   Phase memory function (note: when stop inputting for more than 3 seconds, drive will bear motor phase in mind automatically  at the time, back to electricity or WF signals from low level to high , drive will  recovery motor phase automatically)

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