LC3088MA 3ph NEMA23 NEMA34 Stepper Motor Driver 20-80VDC 5.8A

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LC3088MA  3ph NEMA23 NEMA34 Stepper Motor Driver 20-80VDC 5.8A

Product  Overview

  LC3088MA adopts the technology of servo control principle, with motor parameter adaptive functions, which guarantees that machine playing the best performance. This technology can obviously improve the motor noise, and the running smoothness of conveyor. The max driving current is 8.3 A,  the highest position precision 64 subdivision step can reach 12800 steps/ roll.


Main Applications

It’s suitable for all kinds of automation equipment and instruments in the field of motion control ,such as: electronic processing and detection, semiconductor packaging, laser cutting and welding, laser typesetting, packing machines, engraving machine, marking machine, cutting machine, apparel plotter, NC machine tools, automated assembly equipment, etc. It’s the first choice for users that prefer low noise, high speed with superior  performance and with a stronger price competition.


Function Description of Drivers

drive function

operating instructions

Working current setting

The driver output current is set by three dip switches SW1 - SW3,

its output current has eight floors in all. About specific output current Settings, please refer to the drive panel.

Automatic half flow function

Users can set drive to automatic half flow function through SW4.

OFF shows the static current is set to be half of the dynamic current,

ON shows the static current is the same as dynamic current .

SW4 should be set to OFF in general use  in order to reduce the heating of the motor and driver , also to improve the reliability. The current will reduce to 50% automatically 0.4 seconds approximately after the pulse train stop (60% actual value), calorific value reduced by 36% in theory.

Micro step





The driver micro step subdivision is set by four dip switches SW5 -

SW8, there are 15 files of micro step subdivisions in all.

When users are setting segmentation, the driver should be stopped

first.  About the setting of micro step subdivision , please refer to the drive panel.




Drives have two red and green lights.One of the green light is power light,It will be abidingly on after the driver is electrified; the other red light is fault  indicating lamp, when being overvoltage and overcurrent problems, trouble light will be abidingly on. After the fault being cleared, the red light turns off. When a driver becomes disabled, only re-up electricity and reuse can clear the fault.





PUL + and PUL - are the plus side and  minus side of  signal controlling.

DIR + and DIR - are the plus side and  minus side of direction signal.

ENA + and ENA -are the plus side and  minus side of enable signal.



Motor winding line U, V, W correspond to the ones U, V, W, switch any two of the three winding threads, can make the motor direction change.


Power port


Using the dc power to supply,  operating voltage range is

suggested to be 20V-80VDC.  Power is greater than 300w.

Suggested working voltage is 36 VDC.



The  boundary  dimension of drive is : 140 * 97 * 48 mm,

The Installation pitch-row is 133 mm.

 Either horizontal or vertical installation can work,

(vertical installation is recommended).

When installation, should make it close to the metal cabinet to facilitate heat dissipation.

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