How to pay with Credit/ Debit Card ?

This is About credit card payment notice
1. If the credit card payment page can't be linked to or revealed as normal, please check your IE security level; usually this situation is caused by high security level of your IE.
2. Credit card payment
CTOPAY(payment <1000USD)The maximum payment we accept through CTOPAY is 1000USD.
99BILL(payment < 1500USD)The maximum payment we accept through 99BILL is 1500USD.
3. Usually, when you're placing an order to us, the successful transfer percentage of credit card payment is near 50% to 60%. In case there is constantly a failure in your credit card transfer, please choose other payments.
Several possible reasons for credit card payment failures:
a. The credit card holder is in a high risk region or area.
b. The credit card holder is defined as "special populations", such as: teacher/professor, government workers, etc.
c. The credit card has tainted records, and is denied in VISA, MACARD systems.