DVP06AD-S Delta S Series PLC Analog I/O Module AI6 new in box

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DVP06AD-S Delta S Series PLC Analog I/O Module AI6 new in box

1. Thank you for choosing Delta DVP series. The analog signal input module DVP06AD-S is able to receive 6 points of external analog signal inputs (both in voltage and current) and convert the signals into 14-bit digital ones. It is able to read and write the data in the module through FROM/TO instructions given by the program of DVP-PLC SS/SA/SX/SC/SV series MPU. There are 49 16-bit control registers in the module.

2. The user can select voltage or current output by wiring. Range of voltage output:  +-10V DC (resolution: 1.25mV). Range of current output: +-20mA (resolution: 5uA).



(6A/D) module

Voltage input

Current input

Power supply voltage

24V DC (20.4V DC ~ 28.8V DC) (-15% ~ +20%)

Analog input channel

6 channels/module

Range of analog input



Range of digital





14 bits (1LSB=1.25mV)

13 bits (1LSB=5uA)

Input impedance

200KΩ or more


Overall accuracy

+-0.5% when in full scale (25°C, 77°F)

+-1% when in full scale in the range of 0 ~ 55°C, 32 ~ 131°F

Response time

3ms × the number of channels


Isolation between digital area and analog area. No isolation among channels.

Range of absolute input



Digital data format

13 significant bits out of 16 bits are available; in 2’s complement.

Average function

Yes. Available for setting up in CR#2 ~ CR#7; range: K1 ~ K20.


Upper and lower bound detection/channel

Communication mode



Communication speed: 4,800/9,600/19,200/38,400/57,600/115,200

ASCII data format: 7-bit, even bit, 1 stop bit (7, E, 1)

RTU data format: 8-bit, even bit, 1 stop bit (8, E, 1)

RS-485 cannot be used when connected to PLC MPU in series.

When connected to

DVP-PLC MPU in series

The modules are numbered from 0 to 7 automatically by their distance from MPU.

Maximum 8 modules are allowed to connect to MPU and will not occupy any digital I/Opoints.

Max. rated power


24V DC (20.4V DC ~ 28.8V DC) (-15% ~ +20%), 2W, supplied by external power.


Operation: 0°C ~ 55°C (temperature); 5 ~ 95% (humidity); pollution degree 2.

Storage: -25°C ~70°C (temperature); 5 ~ 95% (humidity).



International standards: IEC 61131-2, IEC 68-2-6 (TEST Fc)/IEC 61131-2 & IEC

68-2-27 (TEST Ea)



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