DVP04AD-S Delta S Series PLC Analog I/O Module AI4 new in box

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DVP04AD-S Delta S Series PLC Analog I/O Module AI4 new in box


1. Thank you for choosing DELTA PLC DVP Series. The analog input module receives external 4-point analog signal input (voltage or current) and converts it into 14 bits digital signal. The analog input module of DVP04AD-S series can read/write the data of analog input module by using instructions FROM/TO via DVP-PLC SS/SA/SX/SC/SV Series MPU program. There are 49 CR (Control Register, each register has 16-bit) in each module. 

2. The software version of DVP04AD-S analog input module can be updated via RS-485 communication.

Power unit and module are separate. Size is small and easy to install.

3. Users can select input from voltage or current via wiring. Voltage input range is +-10VDC (resolution is 1.25mV). Current input range is ±20mA (resolution is 5uA).

Nameplate Explanation


Specifications Functions

Analog/Digital (4A/D) module

Voltage input

Current input

Power supply voltage

24VDC (20.4VDC ~ 28.8VDC) (-15% ~ +20%)

Analog input channel

4 channel/each module

Analog input range



Digital conversion range




14 bits (1LSB=1.25mV)

13 bits (1LSB=5uA)

Input impedance

> 200KΩ


Overall accuracy

+-0.5% of full scale of 25°C (77°F). +-1% of full scale during 0 ~ 55°C (32 ~ 131°F)

Response time

3ms × channels

Isolation method

It has isolation between digital area and analog area. There is no isolation among channels. 

Absolute input range



Digital data format

2’s complementary of 16-bit, 13 significant bits 

Average function

Yes (CR#2 ~ CR#5 can be set and setting range is K1 ~ K4,096)

Self diagnose function

Upper and lower bound detection/channels

Communication mode


Modbus ASCII/RTU Mode. Communication baud rate of 4,800/9,600/19,200/ 38,400/57,600/115,200. For ASCII mode, date format is 7 bits, even, 1 stop bit (7, E, 1), while RTU mode, date format is 8 bits, even, 1 stop bit (8, E, 1). The RS-485 is disabled when the DVP04AD-S is connected in series with MPU.

Connect to DVP-PLC MPU

in series

If DVP04AD-S modules are connected to MPU, the modules are numbered from 0 - 7. 0 is the closest and 7 is the furthest to the MPU. 8 modules is the max and they do not occupy any digital I/O points of the MPU.


Power specification

Max. rated consuming power

24VDC (20.4VDC ~ 28.8VDC) (-15% ~ +20%), 2W, supply from external power.

Environment condition


1. Operation: 0°C ~ 55°C (temperature), 50 ~ 95% (humidity), pollution degree 2

2. Storage: -25°C ~ 70°C (temperature), 5 ~ 95% (humidity)

Vibration/shock immunity

Standard: IEC61131-2, IEC68-2-6 (TEST Fc)/IEC61131-2 & IEC68-2-27 (TEST Ea)



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