DVP02DA-S Delta S Series PLC Analog I/O Module AO2 new in box

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DVP02DA-S Delta S Series PLC Analog I/O Module AO2 new in box


1. Thank you for choosing Delta DVP PLC Series. The analog output module of DVP02DA-S series can read/write the data of analog output module by using instructions FROM/TO via DVP-PLC SS/SA/SX/SC/SV Series MPU program. The analog output module receives 2 group 12-bit digital data from PLC MPU and converts it into 2 points analog output signal (voltage or current). There are 49 CR (Control Register) in each module and there are 16 bits in each register.

2. The software version of DVP02DA-S analog output module can be updated via RS-485 communication. Power unit and module are separate. Size is small and easy to install.

3. Users can select output either voltage or current via wiring. Voltage output range is 0V ~ +10VDC (resolution is 2.5mV). Current output range is 0mA ~ 20mA (resolution is 5µA).

Specification Functions

Digital/Analog (2D/A) module

Voltage output

Current output

Power supply voltage

24VDC(20.4VDC ~ 28.8VDC) (-15% ~ +20%)

Analog input channel

2 channels/each module

Analog output range

0 ~ 10V

0 ~ 20mA

Digital data range

0 ~ 4,000

0 ~ 4,000


12 bits (1LSB=2.5mV)

12 bits (1LSB=5µA)

Output impedance

0.5Ωor lower

Overall accuracy

+-0.5% of full scale of 25°C (77°F). 

+-1% of full scale during 0 ~ 55°C (32 ~ 131°F).

Response time

3ms × channels

Max. output current


0 ~ 500Ω

Digital data format

2’s complementary of 16-bit, 13 significant bits.

Isolation method

Isolation between digital area and analog area. Butno isolation among channels.


Voltage output has short circuit protection but a long period of short circuit

may cause internal wire damage and current output break.

Communication mode


Modbus ASCII/RTU Mode. Communication baud rate of 4,800/9,600/19,200/ 38,400/ 57,600/115,200. For ASCII mode, format is 7bits, even, 1 stop bit (7, E, 1), while RTU mode format is 8 bits, even, 1 stop bit (8, E, 1). The RS-485 is disabled when the DVP02AD-S is connected in series with an MPU.

Connect to DVP-PLC MPU in series

If DVP02DA-S modules are connected to MPU, the modules are numbered from 0 - 7. 0 is the closest and 7 is the furthest to the MPU. 8 modules is the max and they DO NOT occupy any digital I/O points of the MPU.

Max. rated power consumption

24VDC (20.4VDC ~ 28.8VDC) (-15% ~ +20%), 3W, supplyfrom external power

Vibration/shock immunity

Standard: IEC 61131-2, IEC 68-2-6 (TEST Fc)/IEC 61131-2 & IEC 68-2-27 (TEST Ea)


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