BFV00374 Inverter 400VAC 3.7KW 3 Phase New

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 BFV00374 Inverter 400VAC 3.7KW 3 Phase New



- Easy to operate using the integrated operating panel

- Cost effective

- Easy and accurate frequency control using PLC puls output

- Various types without and with brake included (1-phase)

- 8-speed control function

- Retry function

- Frequency increase, decrease and memory functions

using external switches

- Complete regeneration brake function

1-phase 230V AC Input types

MotorPower PN [kW]

Part No.



not provided













3-phase 400V AC Input types

MotorPower PN [kW]

Part No.










Input voltage

1-phase 230V AC

3-phase 400V AC

Applied motor output

0.2 to 1.5kW

0.75 to 3.7kW

Rated Output

Rated output voltage

3-phase 200 to 230V AC (proportional to power supply voltage)

3-phase 380 to 460V AC (proportional to power supply voltage)

Overload current rating

150% of rated output current for 1 minute

Input Power Supply

Phases, voltage, frequency

1-phase 200 to 230V AC 50/60Hz

3-phase 380 to 460V AC 50/60Hz

Tolerable voltage variations

+10%, –15% of rated AC input voltage

Tolerable frequency variations

+-5% of rated input frequency

Instantaneous voltage

drop resistance capacity

Continuous operation at 165V or more.

Continuous operation at less than 165V for 15ms

Continuous operation at 323V or more.

Continuous operation at less than 323V for 15ms

Output Frequency

Output frequency range

0.5 to 250Hz

Frequency display

Frequency display

Frequency accuracy

+-0.5% of selected maximum set frequency (25+-10°C) for analogue setting

Frequency setting resolution

Digital setting: 0.1Hz (1Hz over 100Hz), Analogue setting: 0.1Hz (50/60Hz mode)

Inverter control method

High carrier frequency sinusoidal PWM control (V/F control method)

Carrier frequency

Select from 9 types

(The output current must be reduced for 12.5 and 15.0kHz)

(0.8, 1.1, 1.6, 2.5, 5.0, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15kHz

Select from 7 types

(0.8, 1.1, 1.6, 2.5, 5.0. 7.5, and 10kHz)

(The output current of 3.7kW must be reduced when set to 10kHz.)



Operation panel buttons or input contact signal (wait time setting possible)


Operation panel buttons or input contact   signal (reverse rotation prohibit setting possible)

Jog operation

Operating frequency: Optional setting for 0.5 to 250Hz, Acceleration/deceleration time: Optional setting each for 0.04 to 999 seconds

Stop mode

Select from ramp-to-stop or coast-to-stop (selection changeover

Reset function

Stop signal reset, external reset, panel reset (setting possible) and power supply reset

Stop frequency

Optional setting from 0.5 to 60Hz

Instantaneous power failure restart

Function OFF, and 0Hz restart, operating frequency restart (selection changeover)

Retry function

Retry selection: Select function OFF and details of retry fault, No. of retries: Optional setting for 1 to 10 times


Frequency setting signal

Local setting: Potentiometer, digital setting (operation panel)

External analog setting signal: Potentiometer (10kW, 1/4  or more), 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V,

4 to 20mA (Connect a 200 , 1/4W or more external resistor)

External digital setting signal: PWM signal (signal cycle: 0.9 to 1100ms), Frequency up SW, down SW, save SW signal

Voltage/frequency characteristics

Base frequency: 50, 60Hz fixed and optional setting between 45 and 250Hz

V/F curve: Constant torque, square torque pattern (selection changeover

2nd voltage/frequency characteristics

Optional base frequency setting for 45 to 250Hz

1st and 2nd torque boost level

Optional setting for 0 to 40%

1st and 2nd accel./Decel. Time

0.04 to 999sec. (individual accel. and decel. Time setting), Accel./Decel. Characteristics: Linear

Multi-speed frequency setting

Up to 8 preset frequency settings (optional setting)

Skip frequency setting

Up to 3 place settings (skip frequency band setting from 1 to 10Hz)

Upper and lower frequency setting

Optional setting from 0.5 to 250Hz

Bias/gain frequency settings

Bias frequency: set from –99 to 250Hz, Gain frequency: set from 0 to 250Hz

External stop function

Select from auxiliary stop or coast-to-stop (selection setting

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