A61L-0001-0094 TX-1450ABA5 compatible LCD display 14 inch for CNC machine replace CRT monitor

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A61L-0001-0094 TX-1450ABA5 compatible LCD display 14 inch for CNC machine replace CRT monitor


A61L-0001-0094 Fanuc CRT, which was introduced in early 1990s, is available on the FANUC control systems 15, 15T, 15M, 15-A, 15-B, and on labels, also called TX-1450ABA5, 14X59-1 or A61L-0001-0094#A, which can be directly replaced by the LCD monitor


The signal interface is HONDA MR-20M, and the display is 14 inch color CRT display


The replacement LCD monitor specification as follows:

  1. support 15KHz to 48KHz frequency line signal, field frequency from 48Hz to 75Hz, the positive and negative automatic adaptation, input line field automatic frequency scanning.
  2. support field input for digital TTL signals or analog signals.
  3. input interface: D-sub, 15PIN, BNC interface and other interfaces, can be customized.
  4. support black and white display, monochrome display, color display, true color display.

5., support automatic recognition of the screen, adjust the width.

  1. support separation of synchronous signal HV, composite synchronization signal Cs or synchronous signal compound in the video G signal (Sog), polarity, positive and negative are automatically identified.

7.75-500 ohm high input impedance, suitable for all kinds of strong and weak signal source


Technical parameters of  industrial screen:



Screen size

246*184.4mm(length*width),12.1 inches,4:3

Sweep range

H-row scanning: 15Khz-48Khz Plus-n-minus auto-adaptation

V-row scanning: 48hz-75hz Plus-n-minus auto-adaptation

Input signal

Signal source types



Synchronization method

HV row filed separation, HV row field mix Cs, green segregation Sog

TTL digital level: 2.4 ~ 5.0V or Low 0.0 ~ 0.8V

Analog model level: 0.7-2.5VP-P

Input resistance

75-500 O high input impedance which can adapts to various signal sources.

Scanning mode

Interlaced scanning/ sequential scanning

Signal line

9-pin signal line (optional), 15-pin signal line, BNC input

Screen colors

262K, monochromatic, black-and-white


450: 1


400 cd/m2 (Typ.)

Response time

15/30 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) (ms)

Working conditions

Temperature: -10 ~ +65, humidity: 20% ~ 95%

Storage conditions

Temperature: -30 ~ +70, humidity: 10% ~ 95%


The Old CRT monitor A61L-0001-0094 TX-1450ABA5 as follows:



The replacement LCD display as follows:



You can replace it as following:

1st, Remove the old CRT display and empty the original CRT position. See below


2nd, Remove the old CRT display and empty the original CRT position. See below

The new LCD directly installed, the corresponding fixed screw holes, the signal wire is inserted, connect the power line can be, some parameters can be obtained by OSD display menu display optimization, thus completing the CRT replacement for A61L-0001-0094 liquid crystal process.


3rd,The display after installing

Because of we improvement all the time, the above images may have a little difference with the actual image. We reserve the right to revise the picture. We will try to put the pictures of the latest, if any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Our products all adopt imported industrial LCD panel and power supplies from companies such as SHARP & AUO to ensures that it has a long service life, low failure rate, suitable for working condition of continuous use of 24 hours, without daily maintenance, with exactly same mechanical size of the original hole site, and can quickly restore production as long as to plug in the signal interface and power interface. Compared with the original CRT monitor, LCD monitor has advantages of simple structure, lower power consumption, little daily breakdown, strong vibration resistance, strong electromagnetic interference resistance, simple maintenance, light weight, and easier to standardization, etc.

All models are of regular stock to ensure rapid delivery and some special use display can be customized.







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