6AV6648-0AF11-3AX0 6AV6 648-0AF11-3AX0 Smart1000 Original LCD Panel

  • Model: 6AV6648-0AF11-3AX0
  • Shipping Weight: 2Kg
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  • Manufactured by: Siemens
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6AV6648-0AF11-3AX0 6AV6 648-0AF11-3AX0 Smart1000 Original  LCD Panel


Product Description

  1. For used in 6AV6648-0AF11-3AX0
  2. Before shipping to our customer, the product will be tested 100% working.
  3. All the products we sell are inclusive of 6 months warranty.
  4. 100% New and high quality with competitive price.
  5. We do offer tracking number for each parcel,so please be confident in ordering.

Package included:


1 pcs LCD Panel

Kindly Reminder:

  1. If the number of the need for more, please contact us, we will help you to arrange more quantity
  2. Some country may be need to pay some duty fees, It depend on the receiver’s country policy.
  3. We warranty our products for you.


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