3kw 4hp 18000rpm ER20 105mm Air cooling spindle motor&3kw 3phase 220V VFD inverter&bracket CNC kits

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3kw 4hp 18000rpm ER20 105mm Air cooling spindle motor&3kw 3phase 220V VFD inverter&bracket CNC kits


package included:

1pcs 3kw 4hp 18000rpm ER20 105mm Air cooling spindle motor

1pcs 3kw VFD inverter

1pcs 105mm bracket



The spindle motor:

4HP 3KW 18000RPM ER20 Woodworking AC Spindle motor 4 bearings 105mm 220VAC 10A 300HZ air cooling CNC Router


1, Spindle Specification



Spindle Model

105 3KW ER20





Rated Power

3KW  4HP










ER20(Random send a collet as free)

Cooling Type

Air cooling



Plug connection:

Plug in 1234 pin, 1-U, 2-V, 3-W, 4-GND or not connected. if 123 not connected correctly, the motor will reverse. Swap any two wires can be OK.


The VFD inverter:

4HP 3KW 400HZ VFD Inverter Frequency converter 3 phase 220V input 3phase 220V output 13A for Engraving spindle motor


The Bracket

105mm bracket match the spindle motor




The electric spindle must be matched with the frequency converter. Frequency converter selection must be matched with the power, voltage, current, frequency and other parameters of the electric spindle. The use of electric spindle must first set the benchmark frequency of the inverter. The reference frequency of the frequency converter is set according to the highest frequency of the electric spindle. Inverter reference frequency conversion factory default settings 50hz. If the base frequency of the inverter is not set before the spindle motor is used, the spindle motor can be burnt down.


Before use, you should use the hand to turn the spindle motor, and confirm that it can rotate smoothly.


When in use, you must first connect to the spindle motor cooling water pipes, water pipes to ensure. Water flow is not less than 5L/min


If the electric spindle needs to be replaced with a new bearing,
Should be replaced by a certain professional and technical personnel. Supporting special tools. The spindle motor should be fully cleaned, the stator coil does not need to be removed.


4, The common faults and their elimination methods

The Fault

The Reason

The Solution

The electric spindle does not run after start

1.No output or wrong setting for the inverter

check the output and setting of the inverter

2.Plug not connected

check the plug and connection cable

3.the cable not connected

4.The stator winding burned

change the stator

Few seconds after start,the spindle stop running

1.water inlet

Drying stator

2.High temperature induced wire insulation damage

change the stator

3.Lack of phase operation caused over current protection

check the cable connecting of the spindle motor

4.Start-up time is too short

Extended acceleration time

Motor smoke or shell hair hot

1.The inverter output voltage, frequency is not match with the spindle motor

check the setting of the inverter

2.the frequency of the inverter is not set correctly

reset the frequency of the inverter

3.Air duct blockage

check the air duct

Nut loosening when start

Rotation direction error

recorrect the rotation according the instruction on spindle

Noise and vibration

1,bearing damaged

change bearings

2.Parts precision damage affect dynamic balance

Check dynamic balance

3.Large spindle runout

change spindle

Nut loosening when stop

Down time is too short

Prolonged deceleration time

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